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by admin, November 20, 2015

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Clients come first  in everything we do.

At Doyle + Partners we are passionate about the Leisure and Workplace Sector and have dedicated our business to specialize in the Hospitality, Retail and Office design.

We have picked the design sector that we are passionate about and have become experts in this area.

Over the past 8 years Philip and his partners have developed an expert practice within the Hotel, Retail and Workplace industry, collaborating with our clients to create remarkable projects to grow their business and grow their profits through the power of great design.

We ask just the right questions to find out what we need to know to help our clients get the building or space they need. In fact, we often during the course of our engagements end up helping clients to clarify their own business goals. I like to call this consultative architecture…What I mean by consultative architecture is that nothing happens from a design perspective until there’s a thorough understanding of the client’s needs, business goals, and personal goals. And getting to those answers requires intelligent and deep business questions that get to the heart of the project. It sets the foundation for every decision to be made during the design process.

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“A surgeon wouldn’t operate without a proper diagnosis, so…”

Meet the Team

We are a friendly, fun loving, close knit team and we are passionate about Retail, Hospitality and Office Design. We have complementary skills to bring a fully Integrated  package to our business clients.

Philip Doyle – Owner/Director, Head of Design and Construction

Philip has a wonderful imagination. He is a founder and director of the practice with over 12 years experience.

We know people hire people so below is a bit more about our team and myself.

I was always into design and construction from a young age, my father is a builder and my brothers and I used to work Saturdays and any holidays on the construction site all through school and collage, this gave me a great understanding of how building were constructed from a young age(it also gave me a understanding of how tough a building site is on a icy cold winters morning). It also instilled in me that I wanted to design and also build projects not just watch them been built by someone else.

I  played hurling and football all my life and won a few county finals for my club and an All Ireland with my school. In the last few years I have took up trail running and I completed the 60k Mt Blanc(UMTB) race last year in France which was difficult but amazing.

Some of our top values in our studio would be Thankfulness, Been Positive, Hard work, Happiness, Honesty, Success and a good work life balance, Life is to important to waste.

Krzysztof Galaszewski –   Senior Architect. MRIAI

Krzysztof  is a Architect with 15 years professional experience working on various commercial buildings including Hotel, Schools and  Office design projects.
He has concentrated his efforts on projects requiring unique problem solving skills with Specialization in Workplace and Retail sectors and was an early adapter of Building Information
Modeling or BIM. With his advanced skills and understanding of BIM technology, Krzysztof has been able to augment the implementation of LEED design principles in
effort to optimize the energy efficiency of a given project beginning at the early stages of design.

Contact email – Krzysztof@doyleandpartners.ie

Shane Kelly –  Senior Architectural technologist & Designer

Shane has a good eye, an innate sense of what works and how to detail buildings. He also has a great knowledge of the building regulations.

Contact email – Shane@doyleandpartners.ie


Cybele Silva –  Senior Architect

Cybele is a Architect with five years professional experience working on various commercial buildings including Hotel and Office design projects, he has extensive skill in: Autodesk Revit Architecture and BIM.

Contact email – Cybele@doyleandpartners.ie


Shane Walsh –  Senior Architectural technologist

Shane is  interested in the science and technology involved in buildings, he is a certified Revit user and a expert in Building Information Modeling.

Contact email – shanew@doyleandpartners.ie


Eoin Bennett –  Architect

Eoin is a Architect with a masters of architecture completed in Italy also, he is a very talented designer,  he is a certified Revit user and a expert in Building Information Modeling.

Contact email – Eoin@doyleandpartners.ie


John Fogarty –  Interior Architect

John has a great skill and passion for Hospitality design, with 12 years experience working as a Interior architect on a diverse range of Hotel and Retail projects.

Contact email – John@doyleandpartners.ie



Doyle + Partners  –  INNOVATION with Building Information modelling (BIM)

We are 100-percent committed to building information Modelling(BIM) + BuildingSMARTdesgn and require every new designer to understand the BIM process and be trained in Revit Architecture. This practice definitely distinguishes our company from the competition and helps us win new business.

Building information modeling (BIM) is at the heart of Doyle  + Partners program. BIM enables us to collaborate on virtual models, test ideas, optimize building performance and coordinate work before beginning procurement or construction.

Adopting a BIM process helped us reduce project completion time significantly through improvements in project coordination, design review, and cost estimating.

BIM is an integrated process built on coordinated, reliable information about a project from design through construction and into operations. By adopting BIM, architects, engineers, contractors and owners can easily create coordinated, digital design information and documentation; use that information to accurately visualize, simulate, and analyze performance, appearance and cost; and reliably deliver the project faster, more economically and with reduced environmental impact.