Freehand sketching

by Philip Doyle, May 3, 2013

As much as we admire digital technology especially building information modeling(BIM) and as often as we us it here at the Doyle + Partners studio, there will never be a replacement for sketching. Knowing how to sketch as an architect or designer is a timeless prerequisite. We don’t care what amazing new software is on your laptop, we don’t care if you just downloaded the sketchpad app for the ipad (which is very cool). While important, that stuff will continue to change but  sketching will always be sketching. 
If you can’t sketch out a quick concept design on your sketchpad(not ipad) or butter paper or on a napkin, your role as an designer  will be very limited.
Sketching enroll clients in initial design concepts, a sketch on a spare piece of plasterboard at the building site quickly communicates a detail to the carpenter. There’s simply nothing as straight-forward as pen to paper.

See some examples of our concept sketching. SEE MORE AT  –

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