Graphics + Brand Strategy for Business Success.

by Philip Doyle, March 28, 2014

Visual Communications + Brand Strategy for Business Success.    

​​Our communications strategies help clients support their brand, convey a message, package information and promote their products​.
Behind every successful development is a powerful expression of brand values and the creation of a positive and enjoyable experience for the customer.
Architecture/Interiors + Brand Strategy for Business Success.

We combine Architectural Design, Interior Design and Communications graphic strategies to help our clients support their brand, convey a message, package information and promote their products for business success.

Our multi-disciplinary expertise will find the best solution for every aspect of your business, leading to the optimum consumer experience
Specializing in :-

The most compelling retail environments engage, amuse and even entertain shoppers. They become destinations.
D + P’s retail design specialists deliver revenue-producing solutions. We have a deep understanding of consumer psychology and market trends. This allows us to help clients create engaging, branded experiences that entice consumers.

More than ever, companies need work environments that engage their people, improve productivity and support the continuously changing business climate.
Companies that align their physical spaces with their organizational requirements and plans for the future have another tool that helps them achieve their business goals. Well-designed workplace environments support a company’s real estate strategy, image, internal culture and approach to social responsibility.

Hospitality and leisure environments become popular destinations by creating memorable guest experiences.
They embrace the client’s brand and aspirations.
D + P’s hospitality design solutions bring long-term value to owners. We incorporate practical space planning ideas, proven sustainability strategies and innovations in security and technology


Brand identity and communication in space
for business success

The Term Branding Is Widely Used with Broad Definition and Diverse Meaning.

Visual Touchstones
Mission (and Agenda to Achieve It)
Values (We Collectively Subscribe To)
Vision (of Ourselves in Future)
Visual Tools:
Evocative Illustrations, Lyrical Imagery, Headline and Narrative (via Collective Voice)

Visual Communications
Communicate Metrics
Announce Milestones
Celebrate Breakthroughs
Visual Tools:
Chart, Graph, Literal Imagery, Headline and Narrative (via Individual Voices)

Visual Brand
Identify Our Enterprise
Mark Our Space
Label Our Product
Visual Tools:
Logo Mark, Color Usage, Font Selection, Personality of Image and Writing Style (Tone of Voice)

Visual Arts
Evidence Our Culture
Frame Our World View
Suggests Our Collective Persona
Visual Tools:
Imagery, Illustration, Art,


Clever Sign Design
Retail- tying workplace to marketplace

Interpretive Murals and Patterns
Digital output onto fabric banner, canvas mural, plots on walls, film on glass

Products and Services Displays
3D exhibit and 2D muralistic: annual report art, product photography, and advertising
campaigns repurposed and extended

Workgroup Identity and Metrics
Overhead identity banners | imagery on furniture panels | art on rolling carts wall mounted |
door mounted | interior billboards

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