New Beauty Salon Design finished in Lucan

by Philip Doyle, September 5, 2014
New Beauty Salon Design finished – by Doyle + Partners

The development consists of alterations and extension to an existing 2 story dwelling on a very awkward site with buildings on all sides and the rear to this infill site. 
We made the most of of the small site by incorporating a basement and 2 stories above including apartment on the 2nd floor to rent and the new Beauty Salon on the ground floor and basement. We work with a great client, engineer and builders to get this very challenging  project finished on time and on budget.

Builder –
Structural Engineer –
Entered through a side door from the street the interior of this building has been designed to surprise and entertain its users.
A long narrow structure has been modelled internally to create a sequence of ‘incidents’ which enliven the space. Organic forms and spaces are juxtaposed with the organised and orderly; materials and colours contrast and change with the lighting. A secret courtyard at the rear of the site…an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Overcoming the problems of a restricted budget and an extended, narrow infill site surrounded by buildings, we used a sensitive design to work with the conservation area but also to be high quality.

We used 3D MODELS(BIM) for this project to help everyone involved understand the project and see the finished building in 3d before the builders started on site.
The clients and builders found this great to understand the design and the construction process. 

See before and after pictures below

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