NEEDS AND OPTIONS REVIEW – : Only  €499 for the next 2 weeks

“A surgeon wouldn’t operate without a proper diagnosis, so…”

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The Problem:

It is not uncommon for people to know they want to do a building project, and have thought about it quite a bit – but
just don’t know how best to start…!

Or worse, launch into an expensive design service without establishing a relationship or worse still, not carefully
established the groundwork for the project.

The Promise:
“A surgeon wouldn’t operate without a proper diagnosis, so…”

The initial NEEDS AND OPTIONS REVIEW works in the same way. It will allow you to start an exploration designed to
precisely understand your requirements and potential roadblocks, then gives:
• Findings and Recommendations;
• A Plan to move forward;
• A Timeline and Rough Order of Cost.
It starts a strategy designed to precisely understand your requirements, and then give findings and recommendations, and a
plan to move forward with a timeline and rough order of cost to assist your budget.

What will you get from this NEEDS AND OPTIONS REVIEW : – 

What are the problems people have in the early stages of considering a renovation or a new build for your Retail or Hospitality project.

  • Do we need it?

  • What will it cost?

  • Are my ideas even feasible?

  • What is the process?

  • Who do I need to contact?

  • Where do I start?

  • Do I need to speak with the council? – planning, building control etc.

 ‘Here’s what you will get’

A walk through your Office,  Hospitality or Retail business discussing your aspirations with a qualified and experienced architect/designer.

Detailed discussion of design challenges and opportunities.

Ideas and solutions.

Planning permission, Assigned Cerifier, Fire cert, Health & Safety and Disability access advice.

Outline cost advice.

A clear direction and the best design solution for your project.

All this will be sent to you in a pdf report.

This ensures that our customers are equipped with the reassurance that they have fully explored and understood all the possibilities of their  business before they commit themselves to their building project.Money very well spent we would say.

Note – NEEDS AND OPTIONS REVIEW exact cost depends on project location and project size. The €499 cost is for Dublin based projects approx 400 sqm in size.

If you fill in a few notes as to your future plans and ideas for your project in the info box below we will get back to you to book you in for your NEEDS AND OPTIONS REVIEW

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