Audi showroom projects
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Audi showroom projects

November 16, 2015

Doyle + Partners  worked as the Project and construction managers on these projects to help produce both theses bespoke Audi showrooms and workshops in Wexford and Waterford  to the highest quality, on time and on budget.

The newly completed Audi Terminal in Wexford has achieved Audi’s highest Audit results out of all the Audi Showrooms after been completed in Ireland. (Winner of Retail project of the year 2016 – Construction Industry awards)

We had a great working relationship with the clients and EMD Architects.

The new Audi architecture building type is the Audi terminal. Dynamism, asymmetry and transparency are central to the design intentions of Audi architecture and act as the determining elements of the Audi terminal.

The dynamism of asymmetric curves forming the three-dimensional environment contrasts with the orthogonally organised ancillary areas and the clear rectangular volume of the structure. The collision of both systems accentuates the asymmetric aspect and brings the cars presented into focus.

Transparency is graduated and distinguishes the different levels of publicity in the Audi dealership. The architecture is reticent towards the presented products and enhances their presence. At the same time it communicates the fascination of the Audi brand by its outer appearance.



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