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October 17, 2016

Jaguar Land Rover is rolling out a dealership facility standard designed to feature both brands in dualed stores.

The new corporate identity program, called Arch, is global and mandatory.

The new Arch exterior color is “sunshine grey,” for both brands — shedding the flying cat statues at some Jaguar stores and the white-and-green exteriors of Land Rover dealerships, the conjoined buildings as jewel boxes.

The two franchises are connected at an entryway with glass doors. It is an architecture that is very simple and up to date.

Doyle + Partners Using the principles established by the brand, we aim to ensure that each characteristic is represented in a way that is appropriate to the site, situation and to the client.

This project has been fully engaged using the Building information modeling process from design right into construction on site saving time and money during the entire process.


The new Jaguar Land Rover Corporate Identity has been designed with three essential concepts at its core:

  1. Transparency: Creating a legible environment to enable the customer to easily navigate their journey in and around the dealership.
  2. Flexibility: Enabling a consist application of the corporate identity, but allowing freedom to make the most of the opportunities of each site.
  3. Modularity: Efficiencies are maximised by the standardisation of components where possible.

The Jaguar Land Rover dealership in Waterford is located in a prominent location on a key route in to the city. With the aim of being open for business in 2017, the team has had to work hard to ensure that the planning application process went as smoothly as possible.

This  project began on site early in August 2016 and we plan to have the building open next summer. (Note –  all images are not the finished building )





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