Volvo Project – Coming soon
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Volvo Project – Coming soon

May 10, 2017

Volvo Project –

Project stage – Design/Tender

The new Volvo Retail Experience is designed around you. Our primary objective is to provide customers with a desirable experience where their surroundings reflect the love and quality of the Volvo brand. The new showroom is designed to reflect the Volvo brand’s luxury design by stimulating all the senses of the customer.
The purpose of the new building is to provide a better customer service experience by giving customers an environment that is both relaxing and aesthetically pleasing. The new design is very welcoming and bright with lots of glass, wooden floors and accents. Customers will have the ability to view through picture windows into the shop of the 14 state of the art service bays, by a Certified Volvo Technician through a large glass window.
The showroom will feature six of Volvo’s latest models on display windows so customers driving by can pier in. A large component of the vision of our new dealership is that it is a collaborative experience. Buying a car or having service done should be a pleasant interaction and with our new building we plan to elevate the customer service experience. The waiting area will be called the Living Room, we will have seating that is both trendy and comfortable; pillows and throws, along with decorative lighting-you’ll feel right at home. Have a cup of coffee at our coffee bar while you wait for your Volvo.
Images only for reference – not the finished building.